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Emerald Rings, Emerald Treasures
All That You Should Know About An Emerald Ring

The bridal scene has undergone changes which began with the shift from simple white dresses to much more elaborate styles enhanced with embroidery and flowery laces. It therefore came as no surprise when bridal rings embraced colored gemstones, diamonds are kept on the sidelines as accent stones. Color allows you to express an individuality that, sparkling white diamonds cannot match. Diamonds might show that you are rich or lavish but for any statement beyond that, you will need to look at the myriad of colored gemstones that nature has to offer. So the bridal jewelry scene has opened up to gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, tanzanite, spessartite and exotic beauties like demantoid and tsavorite. The color red is associated with true, endless and steadfast love - this was one of the reasons why ruby has been respected for many centuries. When you talk about ruby, sapphire and emerald - their historic demand began at a time when gemstones were identified merely by color - any green stone was peridot, all blue stones were blue sapphire and a red stone had to be a ruby! Interesting situations arose from this purely color-coded identification process, the British Royals got stuck with a few chunky red spinels and gave them fancy names which implied that they were rubies. Cleopatra was painted as a great lover of emeralds but, some of her emeralds turned out to be peridot. Even the bible has not been spared of this confusions, experts today agree that the reference to 'sapphire' in the bible most probably meant - blue lapis!

Gemology has today branched into an entire science, gems are studied based on physical and chemical properties and breakdown up to the atomic structural levels provided accurate identifications. So if you were looking for a red gemstone for your bridal ring, your options go beyond the generally expensive ruby. You could also consider red garnet, red spinel, the violet-red rubelite or the awesome red spinel. Since the variations in color gems related to physical properties, color and hardness are many - begin by working with a custom jewelry provider who you could trust. Kaisilver is one but not, the only option that you have. We suggest that you begin your search for a suitable gemstone bridal ring by reviewing this high utility report at
http://www.kaisilver.com/bridal-jewelry-color-thirst-ks-1702.htm The information will point you in the right direction and makes it easier to get the ring of your dreams.

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Each year high end jewelers like Kai Silver get dozens of orders for custom mother's day jewelry. We must admit that mother's rings make up a large slice of these orders. You might therefore be a bit surprised if we told you that, pendants as gifts for your mother hold some distinct advantages over rings.

Wearing a ring involves a specific finger (ring) size, and most of us would know that fingers can get swollen and become quite painful - something that is more apparent with growing age. You could lose or gain a whole ring size number or two within 24 hours, this can pose real problems causing sand pain. And if you thought that this issue can be easily tackled by simply taking off the ring during such times - there is something that you should know. Just wearing or taking off a ring from a swollen finger can be a dreadful ordeal. And even if you brave all that and do take off the ring, you need to keep the jewel carefully without forgetting it in places where it can get lost or even stolen. On the other hand, a mothers pendant is not made to any fitting body measurements and there are far fewer reasons why you should take off a pendant.

Many mothers prefer bigger and more artistic designs for their jewelry. This can often be achieved by beginning with a large gem or an array of gemstones in the jewel. Try getting a large format for a mother's ring and the ring can become quite uncomfortable to wear. This will obviously present many occasions when, the large mothers ring needs to be taken off. The Kaisilver PG2000 garnet pendant is a good case study, a mammoth 15x7mm  marquise red garnet adds up to a total pendant length of around 2cm or 20mm. And you could wear this large mother's pendant comfortably, something that cannot be said of a mothers ring with similar size dimensions.

Elders generally value their jewelry by features that go above price tag and beauty - it is quite likely that your mother selects a gemstone that she believes has some special property of powers - 'metaphysical properties' is the name given to this by crystal and gem believers. And interesting thing about the belief in metaphysical powers of gems is that, the gem touching the skin is supposed to emphasize or magnify the benefits of wearing the specific gem. Getting this done on a custom mothers pendant can be quite easy, all it needs is a custom cut gem that leaves no sharp or pointed edges on the back of the gem.

By their very nature pendants attract a lower degree of wear and tear, This obviously means that mother would get the unhindered pleasure of wearing her pendant, without frequently rushing it for repairs. A mother's pendant that retains it's looks and condition for a longer time is also perfect for a generation jewel - an heirloom piece that can be passed down to the next generation within the family.

So the next time you think of getting a jewel for your mother, give a moment to analyze the advantages of a mother’s pendant. Our comprehensive report on mothers pendants is published at: http://www.extrajewel.com/custom-mothers-jewelry-pendants-ej-1402.htm and for those of you who prefer to gift a ring to your mother, we offer one of the finest collections http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/mothers-rings-gold-silver-th-kj-1940.htm and remember that all our custom jewellery can be custom made with your design specifications or ours.

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Young couples often have a question about their wedding bands - should the two wedding bands (his and hers) be identical in terms of design. We have said it before and will say it again, there are no rule books to dictate anything related to a wedding or engagement. This needs to be a personal affair, the party and celebration can be lavished with splendor but 'The Day Is Yours'. Having said that, there is an underlying spirit that runs across all weddings. This is a commitment and the beginning of a solid bond between two people, a bond that is expected to last until 'Death Does Us Apart'. Since a wedding band symbolizes this solemn commitment, it is a good idea to keep some elements common in his and her rings. This element could show itself in the form of design, gemstone or even metal. So if you are finding it tough to pick a wedding band concept which both of you like, try to keep the element of metal common for both rings.

And if you are lucky enough to agree on wedding band rings that have a design concept that satisfies both of you, it is fine if each of the rings have different gemstones. A good example would be related to birthstone wedding band rings. Each of your wedding bands could have your birthstone set in it. An interesting variation of wedding birthstone rings is for you to exchange birthstones. Another option that is not very common is for, each of the wedding bands to contain two birthstones so, each of you has your own birthstone and the birthstone of your spouse.

Shopping for wedding rings can be quite a strain especially, if you are not provided with the right guidance. Kai Silver has put together two very comprehensive reports for wedding bands. Make sure that you begin your search for wedding bands, begins by thoroughly ready and understanding these reports.

2) http://www.kaisilver.com/wedding-band-pairs-band-width-issues-ks-info-01.htm

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February Birthstone Rings For Men
Your search for a men's February birth stone ring you take you to a ring with an amethyst gemstone. This is one gem that has remained in the limelight for many centuries. You will find mention of amethysts in the Bible, in the birthstone charts and even in the gem and jewelry lists related to anniversary gems. In ancient times, people  encouraged the drinking of wine (alcohol) from mugs carved from amethyst. The belief was that, this would save the drinker from intoxication! In fact, the very word 'amethyst' is derived from a Greek word that literally means 'not drunk'. When choosing a men's amethyst ring, make sure that the gem color is something that will satisfy you. In general we would say that, a very pale (light) purple amethyst should be a 'no no' for men's jewellery. Light amethyst is so very pale that you will see more finger skin color rather than gem color through the gem when, the ring is worn. A very dark purple amethyst satisfy you if you are looking for an amethyst rings that has a great stone but, not much lustre and glitter. On the other hand if you wish to wear a men's February birthstone ring with an amethyst that shows it's color and flash perfectly. go for a medium color amethyst gem.

Most men prefer to wear gem rings that have high carat size gems, something that is often not possible with many gems. For example, a mens sapphire ring with a 5 carat gem would substantially strain your wallet even if, you settled for a medium grade sapphire gem. Fortunately, gem size will not be a issue for most budgets when, it comes to a men's amethyst ring. Good amethyst is not cheap, but given it durability and impressive look - the gem is reasonably priced even in gem sizes that are as high as 5 to 7 carats.

One impressive thing about men is that, they learnt to respect and appreciate the classic appeal of silver long before gold took a snobbish attitude and started an upward march on the price ladder. A men's ring should be tough and wearable for a long time, one element that is absolutely essential to achieve long lasting form is, metal weight. While we do not suggest that you should jump to silver if you like and can afford gold - we do encourage buyers on a limited budget to be open to the silver metal option. And if you are accustomed to getting a secondary class status in terms of attention, service and quality (from jewellers) when it comes to silver jewelry - rest assured that we play no such tricks at Kai Silver. We deploy the same skills, talent and dedication to both gold and 925 silver jewelry orders.ens

We will now stop moving into a sales pitch in this brief report. If you really need any assistance in issues related to gemstones and  jewelry, send an email to sales@kaisilver.com and our experts will be glad to assist you. And if you wish to browse some good suggestions for your mens birthstone ring for February, head straight to http://www.kaisilver.com/mens-amethyst-ring-ks-th-0702.htm

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Sapphire Ring, White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue sapphire rings have a tradition that is deep rooted in royalty, there were times when ordinary people were not allowed to wear a sapphire jewel. Listed as the birthstone for September, sapphires boasts of many features that justify it's rather high price. Like all other precious gems, the price of natural sapphires rises significantly as the gem size increases. There is a sad but true fact about sapphire rings with large gemstones. You either pay an extravagant price for such a ring or be prepared to accept a gem that is quite low on quality. At Kaisilver we fully understand that every sapphire ring buyer, wishes to proudly wear his or her ring. A ring that makes obvious compromises on metal weight, craftsmanship or gemstone quality is not going to make you proud! The RG220BS three stone sapphire ring is one jewel that is designed and crafted to very high standards. The three square sapphire gems are 6mm in size, enough to ensure that your ring reflects your refined taste for fine jewelry but, not priced to give you sleepless nights.

Blue sapphires are popular not only because they are birthstones, the gemstone scores high on almost all features. Sapphires are rare, medium to good grade natural sapphires have never shown a price drop. When it comes to durability for your sapphire ring, the gemstone stands by you with an impressive Mohs scale hardness rating of 9 - amazing considering that 10 on the same scale is considered to be the highest hardness value. Sapphires need little looking after, if you are even remotely interested in getting a blue sapphire ring that can be passed down from generation to generation, this should be the ring of your choice. The fringes on either side of the gemstone row is encrusted with a few 1.5mm round diamonds. Considering that these are good quality natural diamonds, you can surely justify this ring as a high end sapphire diamond ring.

The slightly tapering band width of this ring need not keep it out of your wedding or engagement ring options, young couples are today becoming more flexible and free in the special occasion jewels that they wear. Having said that, we do understand that the convention of a wedding 'band' is not easy to bypass. So if you wish to get this moderately priced fine sapphire ring as a wedding band, discuss your requirement with our support team at sales@kaisilver.com we will gladly work a special price quote for you, and personalize the jewel to meet your requirement. While talking about customized sapphire rings, we can boldly claim that we offer a degree of customization that very few jewelers can match. What this means is that you can request for a yellow gold, white gold or even for a pink gold sapphire ring.

It is not just the band width for this sapphire ring that can be customized, the gemstones can be selected by you too. While we will gladly set three different gems in the ring for you, consider these exciting sapphire options. Sapphires come in colors that go beyond the shades of blue, pink and yellow are some of these. You can therefore combine, yellow, white, pink or blue sapphires in your ring. You can learn all about this gorgeous sapphire gold ring at http://www.kaisilver.com/sapphire-ring-3-stone-ks-1027.htm

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Lapis The Ultramarine Gem From Afghanistan
The dare devil activity of hunting for lapis lazuli in the Afghan mountains is a story of life and death. The mountains in the Badakshan province of Afghanistan rise to a height of 9,000  to 15,000 feet above sea level. Oxygen, safety, food and living conditions in those mountains are tough and rare. For more than 6,000 years Afghans have been climbing those rugged mountains in search of lapis lazuli - a gemstone that is used to make jewelry and carve into various objects. In the early days, the locals believed that the rock that held lapis would 'soften' if heated and this led them to light huge fires around the mountains. In reality, the most that the fire could do was to make the rock a bit brittle depending on it's composition. The heated rock was then hit with iron hammers and made to crumble, if nothing was found - the brave men just continued deeper into the mountains and did the same thing.

In 1979 the then USSR invaded Afghanistan, this made the availability of explosives fluid and easy. The lapis hunters realized that blasting the rock with dynamite sticks was a more efficient way to keep prospecting for lapis lazuli. They were fully aware that this method was far more risky then their centuries old technique of lighting fires. Willing to take great risks, dynamite became almost necessary in the search for lapis. Continued political instability in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, has kept dynamite within easy access of everyone. The Soviets did introduce some amount of streamlining into the cutting and carving process of Afghanistan but, that did not last for long. Today, most of the lapis that is mined enters into Pakistan and is processed there. The Pakistan traders have learnt about the international demand for lapis, they initiated the trade for rough lapis. Today rough is sold to India, Thailand and even China.

Jewelers like Kaisilver procure rough lapis lazuli from the Afghan and Pakistani suppliers in Thailand. Chunks as large as 10 to 30 kilos are purchased each time. Our gem experts carefully study each piece and then work with the gem cutting team to decide the cutting process. Ever lapis ring that you order from us has a custom cut lapis lazuli gemstone. While we always recommend that the gem in your lapis ring be left untreated, we can provide dyed lapis lazuli if that is what you prefer. You can send us your own ring design to be custom made or, choose any ring from our website and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver with lapis lazuli. Get to know more about the MAN66 mens lapis ring and other jewels at http://www.kaisilver.com/gents-rings-th-06.htm and email our experts at sales@kaisilver.com we will glad to help you with any information that you need.

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Mens Claddagh Ring, Option For Emerald

Mens Claddagh Ring Gemstone Options
Queries related to mens emerald claddagh rings are received each week by the Kaisilver support team. Jewelry buyers are interested in knowing whether, an emerald is suitable for a mens gold or 925 silver claddagh ring. At first we would like to clarify that, Kaisilver claddagh rings for men are available with all gem options - this means that you can order a mens claddagh ring in sterling silver or gold with an emerald gem too. However when you talk about the suitability of an emerald for a mens claddagh ring, we need to explain a bit more clearly. This brief report will try to cover all essential issues in simple and non technical jargon.
Emerald Gem For Mens Claddagh Ring

An important and interesting thing about gem pricing is that, the price of a gem need not always reflect it's level of durability and stability. So an emerald gem stone is several times more expensive as compared to a blue topaz but, a blue topaz is much more sturdy and durable as compared to an emerald. The EMN-01 is a heart shaped emerald that can surely be set in a mens silver or gold claddagh ring but, just read this report before you rush to order.

The MAN33 mens claddagh ring is shown in yellow gold with a black onyx gem stone, you could ofcourse order the same claddagh ring for men with an emerald gemstone. The design structure of the mens claddagh ring from Kaisilver gives a firm mounting to the gemstone. You can see that the entire border of the gem is covered with metal, this reduces the chances of the gem getting damaged through side impact. Having said that, we would like to explain that certain inherent properties of emerald gems, make them prone to getting damaged or cracked. We will repeat that men, do not take as much care of the jewelry that they wear as compared to the ladies. With this fact in mind, the possibility of the emerald in a mens claddagh ring getting hit by hard objects is a cause for worry.

There could be situations where you will need to get a mens claddagh emerald ring, for example if you were interested in the claddagh mens ring with the birthstone for May. Emerald is the birthstone for May and in this case no other gemstone would do. What we would suggest is that you go for a medium grade emerald claddagh mens ring, keep the gem size at around 8mm - invest the rest of your budget on good metal weight.

More details on mens claddagh rings can be reviewed at http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/mens-claddagh-ring-info-kj-01-2808.htm spend some time understanding the various options and issues. If you have any more doubts or queries, email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com they will be glad to assist you even if, you are not making the purchase from us.

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Can Emeralds Be Cleaned In An Ultrasonic Cleaner
When most of us hear that emeralds have a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, we seem to take the durability of the gemstone for granted. Unfortunately, it is the lack of complete knowledge of emeralds that increases the possibility of emeralds or emerald jewelry getting damaged during the cleaning process. That you will occassionally need to clean your jewelry is something quite expected. However cleaning an emerald without being aware of it's properties can cause permanent damage to the gemstone.

The image above shows an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, it is one of the common devices used to clean gemstones and jewelry. When turned on, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner generates high frequence ultrasonic waves. The jewelry or gems placed in the jewelry cleaner, gets cleaned as any dust or dirty clinging to the jewel or gemstone is 'loosended' by the ultrasonic waves. This seems like a fairly harmless process we however, need to understand what happens when emeralds are put in the ultrasonic cleaner.

There are two facts related to emeralds that influence the effect that ultrasonic cleaners have on emerald gems and jewelry. The first is the fact that all emeralds have natural fissures and cracks. It is not uncommon for some of these fissures to extend right up to the surface of the gemstone. Even if they are below the surface, they could be just too near to the surface. Another thing about emeralds is that, they are almost always (98% of the time), treated with natural oils. The natural oils seep into the fissures and softens their visibility. This is responsible for imporving the beauty and lustre of the gemstone. Let us know analyze these 2 facts and relate it to the cleaning of emerald gems in ultrasonic cleaners.

When the emerald gemstone is put into the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and the device turned on, the ultrasonic waves pass through the gem. They could expand the fissures and cracks in the emerald, this effect could be so severe that the gemstone could break into pieces. The oils in the emerald put there by the enhancing treatment could also be pushed out of the fissures and ooze out of the gemstone. This is surely not good for the emerald and will negatively affect it's beauty. This is why emeralds should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners.

This report has been summarized from the complete report about cleaning an emerald gem stone in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. You can read the complete report at http://www.emerald.directstones.com/cleaning-emeralds-ultrasonic-cleaner-info-ds-01.htm You are also welcome to contact our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com
if you have any queries or requirements related to gemstones or jewelry.

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Mens Emerald Ring, Yellow or White Gold Emerald Gemstone Ring For Men

Emerald Mens Ring, The MAN71 Kaisilver Emerald Ring For Men

Emerald mens rings are not as common as mens sapphire or ruby rings and there could be many reasons for this. Green color gems are not very popular with men. However a man is very likely to change his mind about green stones if he comes across an emerald. One of the reasons why you might want to get an 18k or 14k mens emerald ring is because, the gemstone is your birthstone. If you were born in the month of May, an emerald gemstone ring would represent your birth stone. Mens emerald gemstone rings are also worn for the many traditions and beliefs that are attached to the gemstone. There is a tremendous amount of folklore attached to emeralds, after all it is a gem that has been known to man for many centuries.

We normally recommend durability as the top factor when it comes to mens rings and jewelry. The reason is that, men do not take sufficient care of the jewelry that they wear. Going by this criteria, an emerald mens ring would not be as tough as a ruby or sapphire ring for men. One of the reasons for this is the internal inclusions and fissures that are present in ALL emeralds. This makes it more likely for the gemstone to crack or chip with physical impact. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to wear an emerald mens ring when doing heavy physical activity.

However the design and structure of an emerald ring for men can be planned to reduce the chances of the gemstone being damaged. The MAN71 Kaisilver men's emerald gemstone ring is a good example of how this can be achieved. This ring has a researched design that put together more than a half a dozen gemstone and jewelry experts. By keeping the gemstone size modest (6mm square) the ring reduces the chances of the emeralds hitting hard objects like tables, doors etc. You will also notice that the gems in this men's gem stone ring do not protrude too much beyond the surface of the ring. It is quite easy to imagine how a highly protruding stone could hit agains hard objects and get damaged. The gem mounting where the entire stone is bordered with metal also gives protection to the edges of the stone. 

Another fact about all emeralds is related to the oil treatment applied to the gemstone. Most jewelers do not reveal this fact to the buyer but it is something that you should be aware of. The gem in your gold or silver emerald ring would be treated with natural oils, this is true no matter where you buy the ring from. More than 95% of the emeralds used by the gems and jewelry sector are treated with oils. The oils seep into the internal fissures of the gemstone and reduce their visibility, this also helps add lustre to the emerald. Though there are some claims made about the gemstone being strengthened by the oil treatment, there is no clear research to support this claim. 

However what you need to understand about the oil treatment of emeralds relates to the condition of the oils. The beauty of the gemstone is indeed enhanced by this treatment, and anything that affects the oils can therefore affect the beauty of the gemstone. You should therefore keep your mens emerald ring away from strong chemicals, solvents or even prolonged soaking in water. Keeping or wearing an emerald gemstone ring near a heat source can also dry up the oils and cause the gem to become dull. Though no jeweler would care to tell you this, it is a very important factor that could help you make a buying decision so do keep it in mind. 

The Kaisilver support team at sales@kaisilver.com can give you all the information and guidance you need related to any gemstone or jewel. You need not make any purchase from us to get the benefit of our expertise so do contact them for all your requirements. There is more complete information about the Kaisilver MAN71 mens emerald ring at http://www.weddingband.kaijewels.com/mens-wedding-band-emerald-man71.htm

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Mobile Custom Jewelry Website Launched.
Kaisilver the leading online custom made jewellery provider recently launched an mobile website dedicated to online jewelry. The website named www.kaisilvershop.com is operational and can be accessed from most popular hand held devices. While the main websites at www.kaisilver.com and www.kaijewels.com will continue to exist, the mobile website was set up with two main objectives. The policy of keeping buyers informed and educated on gem and jewelry related issues is carried to the mobile jewelry website too. A separate section related to Information is rapidly developing into what will be one of the first comprehensive knowledge bases for mobile accessible gems and jewelry information.

You can ofcourse make purchases on the mobile website, payments are handled through secure Paypal payment servers. The support team can be contacted as sales@kaisilver.com for any queries or requirements that you might have. Custom jewelry can be designed as per designs shown on the website or according to your designs.

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