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The Claddagh Emerald Ring, Excellent Meaning And Beauty


Claddagh emerald ring

If you were looking for a heart shaped emerald ring, give a deep thought to the claddagh emerald ring. The ring combines some of the finest features that any ring could hope to have. Your claddagh emerald gem stone ring would represent a historic jewel that was first made more than 375 years ago. A heart emerald ring would signify love and affection, the features of the claddagh ring add further meaning to a heart ring. The ring was first made by an Irish slave by the name of Robert Joyce. The ring was a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship and was intended to be given to his beloved. 

The RG144 is one of the finest renditions of the claddagh ring and retains all the features of the first ring that was made more than 375 years ago. The design of this emerald claddagh ring takes the physical properties of the emerald into consideration. The entire edge of the gemstone is bordered in gold, this is done to protect the gemstone from side impact. Good gold weight ensures that your emerald gem stone claddagh ring does not bend or dent easily. This is something that you will appreciate in the longterm. 

Take modest care of your emerald claddagh ring and it will give you years of pleasure. You will also have the thrill and excitement of wearing one of history's most meaningful jewels. A yellow or white gold claddagh emerald ring would look awesome, this is because the color green goes well with both gold colors. Get a better understanding of the RG144 custom claddagh ring with emerald at this link: http://www.claddagh-rings.com/claddagh-rings-emerald.htm

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