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Simple Emerald Ring, Round Emerald Gem Stone Ring

Simple Emerald Ring

The design concept of an emerald ring that does not have a large emerald gemstone can work to your advantage. You should know that the emerald is one of the gemstone that shows a sharp price increase as the gemstone size increases. A simple emerald ring with a modest gemstone size will therefore not have an extravagant price tag. Since the gemstone will not be too large, a good quality emerald gem stone ring will not be too expensive too. The RG153 shows a simple emerald gold ring, the design would look elegant with or without the side diamonds. You should also know that this diamond emerald ring is not delicate as it might seem, the healthy gold weight is neatly tucked where it is needed to add support to the ring. 

The emerald in this ring is set with an interesting prong design, the gemstone is held from either side by triangular shaped prongs. If you are on a limited budget but would still prefer to have a gold emerald ring give the RG153 a close look. Details can be seen at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/emerald-diamond-ring-01.htm

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