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Emeralds, The Ancient Practice Of Oil Treating Emerald Gemstones

Most people are quite worried when it comes to treating gemstones through any enhancement process. Gemstone and jewelry buyers believe that most gemstone treatments are new and date back to a few decades, but this is not always true. However this is not entirely true at least in the case of emeralds. The truth is that emeralds have been treated with natural oils for a few centuries. Though modern technology has developed other methods to treat emerald gemstones, the only accepted and respected treatment for emerald is the natural oil treatment.

The reasons for treating emeralds with oil are very interesting. All emeralds have natural inclusions and fissures in them, this is irrespective of where they are mined and what they are valued at. People who do not understand emeralds often stay away from these gems because of these natural inclusions. But, those who love emeralds adore these natural inclusions and fissures. The history of the emerald gem stone through the millions of years that they take to form, is trapped within these inclusions. You could say that these are the birthmarks of the gemstone.

The oil used to treat emerald gem stones seeps into these fissures and does it's part to make the gemstone firm. It also enhances the color of the emerald and keeps it looking bright and lively. The best type of oils used to enhance the emerald gem stone are natural and colorless. Modern jewelers sometimes use colored oils to do a similar treatment but, in such cases you risk the gemstone being disolored as the colored oils become old and stale. 

Oil treatment of emeralds make it necessary for a few precautions to be taken when wearing, clearning or storing emerald gem stone jewelry. Detergents, chemicals and other solvents could affect the oil in the emerald. Heat sources could cause the oils to dry up and take away substantial beauty from the emerald. It is always a good idea to keep your emerald jewelry away from sharp objects and reduce the chances of them being struck by physical impact. 

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