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Peridot, The Gemstone That History Mistook For Emerald

Peridot rings mistaken for emerald ring

The HSR03 ring shows a silver antique style ring with a green gemstone. In ancient times, the study of gems had no formal training or research. Those were the days when most green gemstone rings were presumed to be emerald rings! The wrong identification of emerald rings was not limited to the common man alone, mistakes were made by the rich, famous, powerful and beautiful too. Cleopatra loved emeralds and owned some of the most exotic 'emerald' gemstone rings in her time. But as the science of gemstones developed and knowledge became more reliable, it was found that many of the so called 'emeralds' in the jewelry collection of Cleaopatra were nothing more than peridot gems. The green gemstone shown in the above images is also a peridot and not an emerald gem stone! 

Both peridot and emeralds are great gems and have a large following, however peridot is a lot cheaper than emerald. You can quite easily get very clean and clear peridot gems but, this would not be easy for emerald gems. As birthstones, emerald is the birth stone for the month of May, peridot on the other hand is the birth stone for the month of August. 

The HSR03 ring shown above can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. You can also choose the gemstones of your choice for your ring, this would allow you to get a classic antique style emerald ring too. Get more information on the above ring at this link: http://antiquerings.customjewelry.org.uk/

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