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Emerald And Aquamarines Have A Lot In Common

Aquamarine and emerald both belong to the beryl mineral family.

Going by mere external appearance, the RG125 aquamarine ring and the RG144 emerald ring do not seem to have much in common but, there is something interesting that you should know. Emerald and aquamarine belong to the same mineral family namely, beryl. However the properties of these two gems are quite different. Emeralds always have natural inclusions and fissures in them. On the other hand, it is not very difficult to get an eye clean aquamarine gemstone. Comparing emeralds and aquamarine based on their color, emerald will always show a very pronounced green color tone. Aquamarine starts of as a pale greenish-blue gem stone when mined, on being heat treated the gemstone loses it's green shade and becomes pale blue in color.

An interesting thing about emeralds is that all emeralds are treated with natural oils. This is done to enhance the appearance of the gemstone by filling the cracks and fissures with oils. Heat treatment is not possible with emeralds whereas, aquamarines are almost always subjected to heat treatment. The internal fissures and oil treatment of the emerald means that an emerald ring will have to be carefully looked after when being worn, stored or cleaned. Anything that causes the natural oils in an emerald to dry up would also reduce the beauty of the gemstone. On the other hand, the aquamarine shows an impressive degree of durability and needs no special care. 

There are a few other gems that belong to the beryl family, yellow beryl, morganite and even the reddish bixbite are all beryl minerals. If you are interested in getting more information on the RG125u aquamarine diamond ring visit this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/aquamarine-engagement-ring-01.htm The RG144 is an awesome emerald claddagh ring with an history that dates back to over 375 years, learn more about this ring at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/claddagh-emerald-ring.htm

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