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Men's Emerald Ring, Understanding The Emerald Gem Stone

Men's emerald ring, choosing the emerald gemstone for a men's ring.

A men's emerald ring would almost always, have a fairly large emerald gem stone. This becomes an important issue as emeralds show a steep price increase as the size of the gemstone moves up. At the same time, you should know that all emeralds would have visible natural inclusions in them. This will be true irrespective of the price that you pay for your emerald men's ring. Man has learnt to treat emeralds with natural oils, this is being done for many centuries now. The natural oil treatment helps to soften the visibility of the internal inclusions in the emerald. Many gemstone experts believe that the oil treatment of emeralds helps to increase the durability of the gemstone. Typically, a men's emerald ring would have an emerald that weighs around 3 to 6 carats, much like the EML06 emerald shown in the above image.

You will need to strike a balance between emerald gemstone size, quality and price when choosing your men's gold emerald ring. The gemstone will ideally be bordered with gold, this will ensure that the emerald is firmly mounted. It will also reduce the chances of the edges and corners of the emerald from chipping and cracking. Gemstone sellers often cut emeralds with a shallow depth, this is done to make the emerald look more transparent. This is a very bad gimmick as it also reduces the strength of the gemstone. Make sure that you do not get fooled with this cheap trick. The durability of your emerad men's ring will depend on many factors but, sufficient gemstone body and weight will be few of the top issues that you should consider.

If you need a men's emerald ring for a birthstone ring, the emerald represents the month of May. You need not spend a fortune to buy your men's emerald ring, options are available for different shapes, sizes and grades of emeralds. Choose a medium grade emerald for your men's ring, just remember that inclusions are not considered to be flaws in an emerald. They represent the changes that the gemstone has passed through in the millions of years that it takes for an emerald to be formed. You can get a custom men's emerald ring made by choosing an emerald that fits your budget. Get more details at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/eml01_h.htm

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