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Emerald Silver Rings, Why Are They Not Popular?

Technically there should not be much difference between an emerald gold ring and an emerald silver ring. However, a better understanding of the emerald gem stone will clarify some relevant issues. Firstly, the natural inclusions and fissures in emeralds are treated with natural oils. This oil treatment for emeralds has been done universally for many centuries. If you were to get a silver emerald ring, the ring would tarnish like all silver jewelry does. Cleaning of the tarnished emerald silver ring would require some liquid lotions or, silver polish fabric. It is likely that these chemically made lotions or fabrics could destroy the natural oils in the emerald gem stone. This is one of the reasons why silver emerald rings are not very common. Using an anti-tarnish coating like rhodium, gold or even platinum does not help much. The plating soon wears off and this would leave your emerald silver ring looking quite shabby. 

There is one other issue that explains the lack of popularity of a sterling silver emerald ring. Must buyers would expect a silver emerald ring to be substantially cheaper than a gold emerald ring. Jewelers need to live up to these price expectations, the lower grade emeralds (cheaper) are therefore used in silver emerald rings. The cheaper the emerald gem stone, the more the inclusions and fissures in the stone. This means that the gemstone in your emerald silver ring can crack easily when struck with a slight physical impact. Another important issue is about the phsychological attitude of the buyer. Since a silver ring would not be very expensive, less care and caution is taken when wearing, storing or cleaning a silver emerald gem stone ring. There is no logical reason for this lack of care, but it does occur very frequently. 

Once you have understood the above issues related to silver emerald rings, you might still choose to go for a sterling silver emerald ring. There is no design that cannot be made in sterling silver, so your choice is wide. Just remember that the ring will require a little more caring and fussing. Check out some silver jewelry designs that can be made with emeralds or any other gem stone of your choice, the link is: http://sterlingsilver.customjewelry.org.uk/

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