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Emerald Ring, Using Your Own Emerald Gem stone

Let us presume that you have an emerald gemstone and would like to make a mounting for the gem. You would need a gemstone mounting to fit that gemstone, custom making jewelry is an expensive affair in the U.S and most of Europe. You would most likely search on the Internet and try to find a reputed online jeweler who can make a suitable gemstone mounting for your emerald gemstone. Before you finalize the transaction there are a few things that you should be aware of, these will save you a lot of worry and problems later on.

(a) Firstly, agree on the design for the emerald ring. The jeweler can send you images or sketches of how the gemstone mounting would look like. Jewelers often require a certain proportion of the payment to be made before revealing sketches and design concepts. This is to avoid a situation where, you take the design concepts from one jeweler and then find another jeweler to make the gem stone mounting for you. It does seem fair that you make a portion of the payment to ensure that you remain commited to the transaction.

(b) Specify complete information regarding the gemstone to the jeweler. To make an accurate gem stone mounting that will be just right for the gemstone, the jeweler will need to know the shape, size and cut of the gemstone. Details like round 8mm emerald, are not complete. The depth of the gemstone and the type of cut will also be required. A conventionally faceted gemstone and a smooth cabachon cut gemstone will need different types of prongs or mountings. Not providing the depth of the gemstone could give you a gemstone mounting that is either too deep or too shallow for your emerald gem stone ring.

(c) If you are considering sending the emerald to the jeweler who will be making the gemstone mounting for your emerald ring, discuss the issue of shipping charges and decide who will bear the shipping charges. It is quite likely that you might not feel comfortable to send an expensive emerald gemstone to a jeweler that you never met. So choose a jeweler with whom you can work with confidence.

(d) Jewelers are sometimes worried about receiving gemstones from buyers. On their part, buyers feel that jewelers who do not like to work with buyer gems are just looking for higher profits. Reality is a bit different as even honest jewelers are a bit scared to receive gems from buyers. It is likely that the buyer with little knowledge of the emeralds, does not know whether the emerald is genuine or a fake. The jeweler might run into a problem if the emerald ring is later checked and appraised by the buyer and it turns out that the emerald was a fake. The buyer might realize too late that, the emerald was not worth the price that was paid for it. If these problems crop up, the buyer will suspect that the jeweler switched gems when making the emerald ring! It is ofcourse likely, that the emerald was a fake right from the start and that the loose gemstone seller who sold the emerald had actually cheated the buyer.

The idea of writing this article is to present the issue from the view point of the buyer and the jeweler. Both might be honest and innocent and yet they could end up accusing each other of dishonesty and fraud. The only way to avoid such situtations is for the buyer to choose a jeweler who can be trusted. In an ideal case, it would be best if the emerald ring could be fully made by a single jeweler. This would put complete responsibility on the jeweler and the buyer would end up being more satisfied and more safe. You should spend some time reading the complete report on gemstone mountings at this link: http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/gemstone-mountings.htm or read the Kaisilver jewelry newsletter and stay updated on these and other useful and interesting issues related to gemstones and jewelry: http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/news007.htm

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