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Emerald Rings, Combining Gems In An Emerald Gold Ring

Emerald Rings With Many Gems
There could be many reasons for combining gems in an emerald gold ring or for that matter in any other jewel. For one thing, mixing gems in a single ring allow you to create fancy and interesting color combinations. Have a look at the RG216 emerald gold ring, this gorgeous ring combines emerald, rubies and white opals in the same ring. The natural green color of the emerald is gaurded on either side by genuine rubies from Burma. Move a little towards the side and you will notice two pear shaped white opals mined from the Australian opal mining fields. Just thinking about the origins of these fascinating gems could add interest to this emerald gold ring. Brazilian emeralds, combined with Australian opals sitting calmly next to  Burmese rubies! Not every one combines gems in jewels just for good looks. For example, the emerald gold ring shown above was created to include the birth stones of all family members. The ring was then gifted as a mother's family birth stone ring. Gemstones also hold special meaning for many people. For examples, rubies are supposed to signify love and passion. Emeralds trigger a feeling of peace and calm. Opals are supposed to bring peace of mind and are often worn to rid the mind of conflicting thoughts and suspicions.

Besides the external appearance of gems, combining gems in a jewel can also change the way in which the jewel would be cleaned, worn or stored. For example, of all the gems shown in the above gold emerald ring, the rubies require the least caring and fussing. Rubies along with sapphires have good durability, their hardness comes a close second to diamonds which are the hardest gems used in conventional jewelry making. Opals love moisture and much of their beauty is due to the natural moisture that is present in opals. So opals do not mind be dipped in water once in a while! Water would do the rubies no harm too, but emerald are different. All opals including the opal in the above ring are treated with natural oils. This was a technic known to manking several centuries ago. The oils soften the visibility of natural fissures in emerald, this helps to increase the clarity and lustre of the emerald. Do not believe any gem stone dealer if they say that the emeralds they sell are not oil treated. Soaking your emerald ring in water can cause the water to seep into the emerald. Remember that all natural emeralds have fissures and inclusions. If water enters the stone, it would destroy the oils used to treat the emerald gemstone.

Not many jewelers woud provide you with clear information about gems and jewelry. Most jewelers prefer to push the buyer to make a buying decision without getting complete information. At Kaisilver we believe that educating the buyer is the best way to make a win-win transaction. Get to know more about the above emerald gold ring by reading, complete report on the RG216 emerald ring from Kaisilver.
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