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Sterling Silver Emerald Ring, What Should You Know?

Sterling Silver Emerald Rings, Essential Information.
When you talk about sterling silver emerald rings, there are some important things that you should know. Unfortunately all these bits of information are not easily available as jewelers prefer not to fully educate buyers. The idea is that, an ill informed buyer is easy to convince. While this might sound like a selfish attitude it is abundant in the gems and jewelry trade. So to take the first step in educating you regarding silver emerald rings, the team from Kaisilver has compiled this detailed list. Not much sales talk here, you will need to jump to the Kaisilver website link provided below if you want to see some merchandise.

What is sterling silver: This should obviously be the first question that should be answered. Thai silver jewelry is sold in large volumes each year. Much of it is marked sterling silver or 925 for short, you might even come across silver jewelry from Thailand that is marked 92.5%. If your emerald silver ring is sold to you as a sterling silver ring, it should have a silver purity that is at least 92.5%. The remaining 7.5% could be other metals alloyed into the silver. So why not get an emerald silver ring that has a 100% silver purity? The fact is that silver in it's purest form is too soft to be made into jewelry. Even if you do manage to produce an emerald gem stone ring in sterling silver, it would hardly be durable and dent or scratch easily. So the next time you see a 925 or 92.5 or sterling silver label on a silver ring, remember that the purity should be 92.5% of silver.

Will sterling silver tarnish: This needs to be explained very clearly. Many buyers of silver jewelry from Thailand or other sources have one frantic complaint. They believe that 'good' silver will not tarnish, so sterling silver emerald rings should not tarnish too. The point is that tarnish is native to silver, all silver will tarnish and this includes sterling silver too. There are ways and means to reduce tarnish and to polish tarnish too but, remember that silver jewelry will tarnish. An anti tarnish plating might keep away tarnish for a while but will soon wear off and leave the jewel looking ugly and patchy.

Suitability for emerald rings: The Kaisilver explanation for this is very clear and simple. Can we make a sterling silver emerald ring? Yes we can and make it very well too. Do we recommend sterling silver emerald rings? The general answer is no. The reason is that the natural oil treatment provided for all emeralds by all jewelers and the natural fissures present in emeralds make the gem a bit weak. Strong chemicals or processes used to clean tarnish on your emerald silver ring can damage the emerald stone. We would therefore not recommend a sterling silver emerald ring. But in cases where buyers are on a very tight budget or are in some way allergic to gold, silver might be the only option.

above details will answer most of your queries related to silver emerald rings. The Kaisilver website offers some excellent selections of custom silver and gold jewelry. You can see the informative page at http://www.custom-jewelry-thailand.com/silver-jewelry-thailand-01.htm
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