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Emerald Color, Understanding Natural And Treated Gem Stone Color

Emerald Gem Stone Color, Effects Of Oil Treatment On Gem Color

The color of emerald is basically green though some emeralds can show a slight bluish color hue too. You could say that the natural color of this gem stone is green. Every gem is gifted with a natural color. Gemstone manufacturers put most gems through special color treatment processes. These treatments try to alter or enhance the natural color of the gem stone. The commonly known color enhancement treatments for gems are heat, radiation and ofcourse dyeing. When it comes to the color of emerald gems, the idea is to retain the green color but try to make it seem more saturated. To do this, an oil treatment method was devised many decades ago. The oil treatment also helps soften the visibility of fissures in the emerald besides improving the basic color of the gem. You can safely presume that over 95% of the emeralds used in jewelry today are treated with oils. The important thing is that many gemstone buyers are not aware of this oil treatment. The reason why you should be aware of this treatment is because it will affect the way in which an emerald gem stone jewel should be worn, stored or cleaned. Just remember that the beauty of an emerald gem including the color of the stone is dependent on the oils in the gem. If anything happens that destroys or dries up the oil in your emerald gemstone, the beauty and lustre of the gem would be compromised.

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