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Claddagh Gemstone Rings With Green Stones. Options For Green Gem Claddagh Rings

claddagh rings with green gemstone

Claddagh Rings With Green Gemstones.

Many jewelry buyers know of just one green gem stone and that is an emerald. Since emerald gems give jewelers a tidy profit margin, no one is eager to educate buyers regarding other options for green gemstone claddagh rings. If you were looking for peridot or emerald because of them being birthstones then there is no need for looking at other green gems. However if you are willing to consider other stones for your green gemstone claddagh ring it is important to know the other options open to you.

Emerald are gorgeous gems however they are also quite expensive. So there is no issue if your budget can handle the price of an emerald claddagh ring. Other green gemstone options could include a green tourmaline. This gemstone is much darker than an emerald and costs much less than an emerald too. If you need a mens claddagh ring with a green gemstone, green tourmaline should be one of your top choices. It has good durability and men love the dark green shade of this gem stone. Do not go for chrome diopside which can sometimes closely resemble green tourmaline. This gemstone is quite soft and can break or scratch easily. In our honest opinion chrome diopside should not be set in rings, as the higher rate of wear and tear for rings can damage a chrome diopside.

An affordable green gemstone could also be peridot, a gemstone that was historically mistaken for an emerald! This gemstone has good clarity and is priced much lower than green tourmaline. This gemstone would be much brighter than the stone in a claddagh emerald ring so keep that in mind. Jade is also one option that you can consider. This gemstone can have a mild transluscence but you should better expect it to be opaque. Consider the fact that the first application to which man put jade to was in making weapons and tools and you will realize that, jade does not lack on toughness. It's internal structure of numerous microcrystalline fibres makes it very tough and durable. This despite the rather moderate hardness rating assigned to jade.

We have covered the main options for a green gemstone claddagh ring. Other examples of green stones are malachite, demantoid garnet (very expensive in sizes beyond 4mm), green apatite and even aventurine. Kaisilver jewelry is custom made with gem stones of your choice so you can request for any gemstone on this planet. We will gladly procure and custom cut the stone for you. A full report on green gemstone options for a claddagh ring can be seen at http://www.customjewels.net/green-gemstone-claddagh-rings.php

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