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Emerald Ring, The Gemstone That History Mistook


Emerald ring

The emerald was one gemstone that was sought after for many centuries. It is believed that emerald rings were a hot favorite with Cleopatra too. There is an interesting side to this craving for emerald rings and other emerald jewelry. In the early days, lack of gemstone knowledge resulted in almost any green gemstone being referred to as an 'emerald'. It was then found that many so called, emerald rings in Cleopatra's collection were nothing more than peridot gemstone rings! There is nothing wrong with a peridot ring and the gemstone can hold it's own when it comes to beauty and grace. But the sad part is thinking that you own an emerald ring and then finding out that, the gemstone in your 'emerald ring' is another gemstone that is 10 times more abundant than an emerald and also 10 times cheaper than an emerald. 

Brazil and Colombia have been the main mining centers for emeralds. With the sustained demand for emerald rings and other emerald jewelry through the centuries, the depletion of good quality emeralds in the mines comes as no surprise. Interestingly, inclusions in emeralds are loved by emerald gemstone lovers. It is amazing to think that these natural inclusions have been trapped in a gemstone that took many millions of years to get formed. The image of the RG172 emerald ring above shows, a high quality emerald set in white gold and adorned with diamonds. You will notice that despite the gemstone being referred to as a high quality emerald, the inclusions in gemstone are quite visible. 

You might want to know more about this emerald ring, visit the link here: http://www.jewelry.kaijewels.com/emerald-diamond-ring-02.htm

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