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Mens Claddagh Ring, Is Emerald Suitable For A Mens Claddagh Ring

Mens Claddagh Ring, Option For Emerald

Mens Claddagh Ring Gemstone Options
Queries related to mens emerald claddagh rings are received each week by the Kaisilver support team. Jewelry buyers are interested in knowing whether, an emerald is suitable for a mens gold or 925 silver claddagh ring. At first we would like to clarify that, Kaisilver claddagh rings for men are available with all gem options - this means that you can order a mens claddagh ring in sterling silver or gold with an emerald gem too. However when you talk about the suitability of an emerald for a mens claddagh ring, we need to explain a bit more clearly. This brief report will try to cover all essential issues in simple and non technical jargon.
Emerald Gem For Mens Claddagh Ring

An important and interesting thing about gem pricing is that, the price of a gem need not always reflect it's level of durability and stability. So an emerald gem stone is several times more expensive as compared to a blue topaz but, a blue topaz is much more sturdy and durable as compared to an emerald. The EMN-01 is a heart shaped emerald that can surely be set in a mens silver or gold claddagh ring but, just read this report before you rush to order.

The MAN33 mens claddagh ring is shown in yellow gold with a black onyx gem stone, you could ofcourse order the same claddagh ring for men with an emerald gemstone. The design structure of the mens claddagh ring from Kaisilver gives a firm mounting to the gemstone. You can see that the entire border of the gem is covered with metal, this reduces the chances of the gem getting damaged through side impact. Having said that, we would like to explain that certain inherent properties of emerald gems, make them prone to getting damaged or cracked. We will repeat that men, do not take as much care of the jewelry that they wear as compared to the ladies. With this fact in mind, the possibility of the emerald in a mens claddagh ring getting hit by hard objects is a cause for worry.

There could be situations where you will need to get a mens claddagh emerald ring, for example if you were interested in the claddagh mens ring with the birthstone for May. Emerald is the birthstone for May and in this case no other gemstone would do. What we would suggest is that you go for a medium grade emerald claddagh mens ring, keep the gem size at around 8mm - invest the rest of your budget on good metal weight.

More details on mens claddagh rings can be reviewed at http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/mens-claddagh-ring-info-kj-01-2808.htm spend some time understanding the various options and issues. If you have any more doubts or queries, email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com they will be glad to assist you even if, you are not making the purchase from us.
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