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Sapphire Gold Ring - Balancing Price And Quality For Your September Birthstone Ring

Sapphire Ring, White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue sapphire rings have a tradition that is deep rooted in royalty, there were times when ordinary people were not allowed to wear a sapphire jewel. Listed as the birthstone for September, sapphires boasts of many features that justify it's rather high price. Like all other precious gems, the price of natural sapphires rises significantly as the gem size increases. There is a sad but true fact about sapphire rings with large gemstones. You either pay an extravagant price for such a ring or be prepared to accept a gem that is quite low on quality. At Kaisilver we fully understand that every sapphire ring buyer, wishes to proudly wear his or her ring. A ring that makes obvious compromises on metal weight, craftsmanship or gemstone quality is not going to make you proud! The RG220BS three stone sapphire ring is one jewel that is designed and crafted to very high standards. The three square sapphire gems are 6mm in size, enough to ensure that your ring reflects your refined taste for fine jewelry but, not priced to give you sleepless nights.

Blue sapphires are popular not only because they are birthstones, the gemstone scores high on almost all features. Sapphires are rare, medium to good grade natural sapphires have never shown a price drop. When it comes to durability for your sapphire ring, the gemstone stands by you with an impressive Mohs scale hardness rating of 9 - amazing considering that 10 on the same scale is considered to be the highest hardness value. Sapphires need little looking after, if you are even remotely interested in getting a blue sapphire ring that can be passed down from generation to generation, this should be the ring of your choice. The fringes on either side of the gemstone row is encrusted with a few 1.5mm round diamonds. Considering that these are good quality natural diamonds, you can surely justify this ring as a high end sapphire diamond ring.

The slightly tapering band width of this ring need not keep it out of your wedding or engagement ring options, young couples are today becoming more flexible and free in the special occasion jewels that they wear. Having said that, we do understand that the convention of a wedding 'band' is not easy to bypass. So if you wish to get this moderately priced fine sapphire ring as a wedding band, discuss your requirement with our support team at sales@kaisilver.com we will gladly work a special price quote for you, and personalize the jewel to meet your requirement. While talking about customized sapphire rings, we can boldly claim that we offer a degree of customization that very few jewelers can match. What this means is that you can request for a yellow gold, white gold or even for a pink gold sapphire ring.

It is not just the band width for this sapphire ring that can be customized, the gemstones can be selected by you too. While we will gladly set three different gems in the ring for you, consider these exciting sapphire options. Sapphires come in colors that go beyond the shades of blue, pink and yellow are some of these. You can therefore combine, yellow, white, pink or blue sapphires in your ring. You can learn all about this gorgeous sapphire gold ring at http://www.kaisilver.com/sapphire-ring-3-stone-ks-1027.htm
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