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Men's February Birthstone Ring - Amethyst Rings For Men

February Birthstone Rings For Men
Your search for a men's February birth stone ring you take you to a ring with an amethyst gemstone. This is one gem that has remained in the limelight for many centuries. You will find mention of amethysts in the Bible, in the birthstone charts and even in the gem and jewelry lists related to anniversary gems. In ancient times, people  encouraged the drinking of wine (alcohol) from mugs carved from amethyst. The belief was that, this would save the drinker from intoxication! In fact, the very word 'amethyst' is derived from a Greek word that literally means 'not drunk'. When choosing a men's amethyst ring, make sure that the gem color is something that will satisfy you. In general we would say that, a very pale (light) purple amethyst should be a 'no no' for men's jewellery. Light amethyst is so very pale that you will see more finger skin color rather than gem color through the gem when, the ring is worn. A very dark purple amethyst satisfy you if you are looking for an amethyst rings that has a great stone but, not much lustre and glitter. On the other hand if you wish to wear a men's February birthstone ring with an amethyst that shows it's color and flash perfectly. go for a medium color amethyst gem.

Most men prefer to wear gem rings that have high carat size gems, something that is often not possible with many gems. For example, a mens sapphire ring with a 5 carat gem would substantially strain your wallet even if, you settled for a medium grade sapphire gem. Fortunately, gem size will not be a issue for most budgets when, it comes to a men's amethyst ring. Good amethyst is not cheap, but given it durability and impressive look - the gem is reasonably priced even in gem sizes that are as high as 5 to 7 carats.

One impressive thing about men is that, they learnt to respect and appreciate the classic appeal of silver long before gold took a snobbish attitude and started an upward march on the price ladder. A men's ring should be tough and wearable for a long time, one element that is absolutely essential to achieve long lasting form is, metal weight. While we do not suggest that you should jump to silver if you like and can afford gold - we do encourage buyers on a limited budget to be open to the silver metal option. And if you are accustomed to getting a secondary class status in terms of attention, service and quality (from jewellers) when it comes to silver jewelry - rest assured that we play no such tricks at Kai Silver. We deploy the same skills, talent and dedication to both gold and 925 silver jewelry orders.ens

We will now stop moving into a sales pitch in this brief report. If you really need any assistance in issues related to gemstones and  jewelry, send an email to sales@kaisilver.com and our experts will be glad to assist you. And if you wish to browse some good suggestions for your mens birthstone ring for February, head straight to http://www.kaisilver.com/mens-amethyst-ring-ks-th-0702.htm
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