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Wedding Bands, Should Wedding Rings Always Match Each Other

Young couples often have a question about their wedding bands - should the two wedding bands (his and hers) be identical in terms of design. We have said it before and will say it again, there are no rule books to dictate anything related to a wedding or engagement. This needs to be a personal affair, the party and celebration can be lavished with splendor but 'The Day Is Yours'. Having said that, there is an underlying spirit that runs across all weddings. This is a commitment and the beginning of a solid bond between two people, a bond that is expected to last until 'Death Does Us Apart'. Since a wedding band symbolizes this solemn commitment, it is a good idea to keep some elements common in his and her rings. This element could show itself in the form of design, gemstone or even metal. So if you are finding it tough to pick a wedding band concept which both of you like, try to keep the element of metal common for both rings.

And if you are lucky enough to agree on wedding band rings that have a design concept that satisfies both of you, it is fine if each of the rings have different gemstones. A good example would be related to birthstone wedding band rings. Each of your wedding bands could have your birthstone set in it. An interesting variation of wedding birthstone rings is for you to exchange birthstones. Another option that is not very common is for, each of the wedding bands to contain two birthstones so, each of you has your own birthstone and the birthstone of your spouse.

Shopping for wedding rings can be quite a strain especially, if you are not provided with the right guidance. Kai Silver has put together two very comprehensive reports for wedding bands. Make sure that you begin your search for wedding bands, begins by thoroughly ready and understanding these reports.

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