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Mothers Pendant, A Better Option For Mothers' Day Gifts - Kaisilver Explains

Each year high end jewelers like Kai Silver get dozens of orders for custom mother's day jewelry. We must admit that mother's rings make up a large slice of these orders. You might therefore be a bit surprised if we told you that, pendants as gifts for your mother hold some distinct advantages over rings.

Wearing a ring involves a specific finger (ring) size, and most of us would know that fingers can get swollen and become quite painful - something that is more apparent with growing age. You could lose or gain a whole ring size number or two within 24 hours, this can pose real problems causing sand pain. And if you thought that this issue can be easily tackled by simply taking off the ring during such times - there is something that you should know. Just wearing or taking off a ring from a swollen finger can be a dreadful ordeal. And even if you brave all that and do take off the ring, you need to keep the jewel carefully without forgetting it in places where it can get lost or even stolen. On the other hand, a mothers pendant is not made to any fitting body measurements and there are far fewer reasons why you should take off a pendant.

Many mothers prefer bigger and more artistic designs for their jewelry. This can often be achieved by beginning with a large gem or an array of gemstones in the jewel. Try getting a large format for a mother's ring and the ring can become quite uncomfortable to wear. This will obviously present many occasions when, the large mothers ring needs to be taken off. The Kaisilver PG2000 garnet pendant is a good case study, a mammoth 15x7mm  marquise red garnet adds up to a total pendant length of around 2cm or 20mm. And you could wear this large mother's pendant comfortably, something that cannot be said of a mothers ring with similar size dimensions.

Elders generally value their jewelry by features that go above price tag and beauty - it is quite likely that your mother selects a gemstone that she believes has some special property of powers - 'metaphysical properties' is the name given to this by crystal and gem believers. And interesting thing about the belief in metaphysical powers of gems is that, the gem touching the skin is supposed to emphasize or magnify the benefits of wearing the specific gem. Getting this done on a custom mothers pendant can be quite easy, all it needs is a custom cut gem that leaves no sharp or pointed edges on the back of the gem.

By their very nature pendants attract a lower degree of wear and tear, This obviously means that mother would get the unhindered pleasure of wearing her pendant, without frequently rushing it for repairs. A mother's pendant that retains it's looks and condition for a longer time is also perfect for a generation jewel - an heirloom piece that can be passed down to the next generation within the family.

So the next time you think of getting a jewel for your mother, give a moment to analyze the advantages of a mother’s pendant. Our comprehensive report on mothers pendants is published at: http://www.extrajewel.com/custom-mothers-jewelry-pendants-ej-1402.htm and for those of you who prefer to gift a ring to your mother, we offer one of the finest collections http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/mothers-rings-gold-silver-th-kj-1940.htm and remember that all our custom jewellery can be custom made with your design specifications or ours.
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