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Bridal Rings, Celebrate The Goodness Of Color

The bridal scene has undergone changes which began with the shift from simple white dresses to much more elaborate styles enhanced with embroidery and flowery laces. It therefore came as no surprise when bridal rings embraced colored gemstones, diamonds are kept on the sidelines as accent stones. Color allows you to express an individuality that, sparkling white diamonds cannot match. Diamonds might show that you are rich or lavish but for any statement beyond that, you will need to look at the myriad of colored gemstones that nature has to offer. So the bridal jewelry scene has opened up to gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, tanzanite, spessartite and exotic beauties like demantoid and tsavorite. The color red is associated with true, endless and steadfast love - this was one of the reasons why ruby has been respected for many centuries. When you talk about ruby, sapphire and emerald - their historic demand began at a time when gemstones were identified merely by color - any green stone was peridot, all blue stones were blue sapphire and a red stone had to be a ruby! Interesting situations arose from this purely color-coded identification process, the British Royals got stuck with a few chunky red spinels and gave them fancy names which implied that they were rubies. Cleopatra was painted as a great lover of emeralds but, some of her emeralds turned out to be peridot. Even the bible has not been spared of this confusions, experts today agree that the reference to 'sapphire' in the bible most probably meant - blue lapis!

Gemology has today branched into an entire science, gems are studied based on physical and chemical properties and breakdown up to the atomic structural levels provided accurate identifications. So if you were looking for a red gemstone for your bridal ring, your options go beyond the generally expensive ruby. You could also consider red garnet, red spinel, the violet-red rubelite or the awesome red spinel. Since the variations in color gems related to physical properties, color and hardness are many - begin by working with a custom jewelry provider who you could trust. Kaisilver is one but not, the only option that you have. We suggest that you begin your search for a suitable gemstone bridal ring by reviewing this high utility report at
http://www.kaisilver.com/bridal-jewelry-color-thirst-ks-1702.htm The information will point you in the right direction and makes it easier to get the ring of your dreams.
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