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Emerald Gold Ring, Engagement Emerald Gem Stone Ring


Emerald Ring Gold

An emerald ring is quite popular as an engagement or wedding ring. It is perhaps the fresh geen color of the gemstone that never allows it to fade in popularity. If you are considering getting an emerald engagement ring remember that, emerald is a gemstone that needs some caring. The gemstone is not cheap and you would in any case be a bit careful when wearing, cleaning or storing an emerald ring. Ideally we would recommend not wearing emerald rings when doing household chores like cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. Do not be afraid to learn the physical properties of any gemstone, a better understanding of the gemstone will allow you to get better and longer satisfaction from the jewel. 

Ideally, wear your emerald ring to office if you need not get involved with a lot of physical activity at office. If you are wearing an emerald ring for a special occassion, put on the ring after finishing with your makeup, hairsprays etc. It is better to keep your emerald ring away from these things. Your emerald engagement ring will be one of your prized posessions, make sure that the gemstone does not get damaged by physical impact. It is a common practise to include diamonds in an emerald engagement ring, keep the diamonds to a small size. This will help you control your budget and also ensure that the diamonds do not overpower the emerald gemstone in the ring. 

The RG137 diamond emerald engagement ring is a perfect choice for an engagement ring. The center emerald is held by four sturdy prongs, excellent craftsmanship ensures that the prongs are rounded and not thin and pointed. The shank (band) of this emerald diamond engagement ring is made without doing any gold scooping. This makes the ring stronger without giving a bulky appearance to the ring. The green color of the emerald gem stone ensures that, it looks awesome as a yellow gold emerald ring or as a white gold engagement emerald diamond ring. You can get a good idea of how a good emerald ring should be designed and made, read the details at this link: http://www.jewelry.kaijewels.com/emerald-ring.htm

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